Same Sun NGO

Same Sun NGO

What is Same Sun?

Same Sun NGO was founded in 2008 from a desire to help some of the poorest people in Tanzania by improving their overall well-being. Since the beginning NGO has been volunteer based.

Since 2010, Same Sun has been supporting the Rau Daycare Center, located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi. Many of the children who attend the center, as well as their parents and the staff of the daycare are HIV-positive. Same Sun has been supporting the center in many ways, for example by directing money raised by the Godparent program and fund-raising events towards it. Same Sun NGO wants also to ensure that every child has a possibility to go to school after daycare by sponsoring their school fees during the whole primary school.

You can stay updated what is happening with Same Sun NGO on our Facebook page. The page can be found by the name Sama Aurinko ry / Same Sun NGO Or Instagram-account: samaaurinko

If you want to make a donation you can find the bank details below:

Bank: Keski-Uudenmaan Osuuspankki

Account number: FI03 5092 0920 3504 83 
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Same Sun NGO board members had a meeting last Tuesday. Below is what we have decided concerning Rau Daycare.

Financial situation of the daycare has improved considerably. Our warm thanks to all supporters! At the moment we have enough funds to keep the daycare open at least until the end of 2017. There are 19 children at the daycare now and all of them have sponsors. If we want to have a long lasting grounds for keeping the daycare open we need to find two sponsors per child. Increasing the number of children is not a lasting solution because then also payments will increase.

Concerning children who are starting school we decided that their sponsorship will end after three months when going to school. Attending school is free in Tanzania so the children won´t need sponsors for that. But the help of sponsors is still needed for the first three months of school so that we have the possibility to buy school uniforms and other school things that the children will need.

We also decided at the meeting that a salary increase of 20,000 Tanzanian Shillings will be granted to all Rau staff. The staff has been willing to cut their salaries in order to save Rau Daycare. Now that we have received donations we want to pay back a small amount of their sacrifice.

As a whole the news are good and the sun is shining again!

On behalf of Same Sun NGO,